Fee Schedule

Sash Lettings – Fee Schedule – Valid From: From 1st August 2021

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Fully Managed Service£350.00 set up fee + 12% monthly rental income
Tenant find only service£350.00
Rent collection only service10% of monthly rent collected
Registration of deposit£80.00
Periodic property inspection£50.00
Full inventory£100.00
Renewal FeeIf both parties agree that the tenant can stay for another term, this cost covers the contract negotiation, amending and updating the terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement£100.00
Check OutThe check out fee covers arranging with the tenant(s) a check out date and appointment, negotiating with the landlord/tenant(s) and disbursement of the security deposit. To return the deposit to the agreed parties, remit any disputed amount to the scheme for final adjudication. Unprotect the security deposit£100.00 (included in fully managed service only)
Arrangement fee for worksa fee of 10% of the invoice is charged in respect of arranging the works and assessing costs with the contractor(s) for ensuring that all works have been carried out in accordance with the specifications of the works; processing payment and retaining any warrant or guarantee10% of the invoice
Arrangement fee for safety certificatesSash Lettings appoint an appropriate engineer to do this and this fee covers arranging access and retaining this certificate. It does not include the cost of the certificate£40.00 (included in fully managed service only)
Withdrawal Fee before the tenancy has startedwhen a landlord terminates an agreement before the tenancy has started any actual costs incurred in the marketing and set up of the property are passed on to the landlord.£100.00
Withdrawal Fee after the tenancy has startedwhen a landlord terminates an agreement and the tenant remains in the property. The fee includes notifying the relevant utility providers and advising the tenant of their security deposit statusHalf a months rent
Smoke/Carbon monoxide alarmschecking alarms are working on first day of tenancy£20.00
One-off Creation of Tenancy Agreementwhen a landlord requires a tenancy agreement but does not require any other service from us.£100
Sash Lettings – Fee Schedule – Valid From: From 1st August 2021