About Us

Seona and Abie have worked together in lettings 5 years and have a mixture of experience covering: residential, student, and HMO lettings. They first met in 2017 when Abie started her lettings career and Seona was 2 years into hers. As they began working together, they just clicked. They found that they worked in a similar way and were in sync when it came to their hunger for sales and their organisational skills. They were even referred to as ‘the dream team’ by their manager at the time!

The duo decided to make the leap to create their own business and lettings brand in Plymouth, they had understandable concerns about starting their own company throughout the unprecedented time of 2020 and all the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic brought, but it was now or never right?

Seona, 28 years old, and Abie, 26 years old, are two young women who are passionate and enthusiastic about this venture into business together. They have big ambitions for Sash Lettings and hope to eventually be one of the leading letting agencies in Plymouth and beyond. Some young women would feel intimidated starting up a new business in an uncertain time, and in a traditionally male-dominated world of sales, but not these two! They are eager to succeed and use their experience, passion, and enthusiasm to promote and build their lettings business, Sash Lettings.

Seona and Abie are hoping to bring a breath of fresh air to the lettings industry in Plymouth.

The pair do not have a formal premises and don’t intend to anytime soon. They feel that the future of lettings is going to be online with online property advertising portals being an applicant’s first port of call, virtual tours becoming increasingly popular, and people’s preferred method of correspondence being over the phone or email, there is very little need for a physical office space.

This allows Sash Lettings to spend their money on the things that matter for their landlords and tenants, such as additional advertising and networking throughout Plymouth!

Sash Lettings is a brand that promotes forward thinking and modern processes. Seona and Abie appreciate how busy their clients are, whether a landlord or a tenant, your time is important and Sash Lettings will make your experience as convenient and easy as possible. While the company highly values the traditional customer service element of business, Seona and Abie also understand that some individuals portray customer service as getting the job done effortlessly with little need to get involved. This is why Sash Lettings will provide a bespoke service to each of their individual clients which will match their wants and needs from start to finish.

These two co-founders ooze excitement and passion about what they do, and this comes across when dealing with their landlords and tenants. They offer such a personable service and Sash Lettings strives to deliver the best quality of service in all aspects of lettings.

If you would like to have a chat with Seona and Abie about how they could possibly help you, you won’t regret giving them a call!