Month: August 2020

Featured Property 3

This is featured property 3

Featured Property 2

This is a new property fresh on the market today. A fantastic opportunity to grab a newly refurbished and fully modernised room in a property that has received a full makover.

Valley Road, Trent Bridge

Description: This handsome Victorian house is situated in a prime position for any cricket or football fan – the top floor enjoys a balcony over looking Trent Bridge cricket ground. The house has had an extensive total refurbishment with a total re-wire, all sash windows reconditioned and in working order, under-floor heating on all four …

Seona Sinclair

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Abie Hutchings

I have worked in the lettings industry for 4 years, and it has really sparked my love for property. I have a real interest in property design and home improvements. I love visiting all different types of property and admiring some of the old characterful buildings in Plymouth. I, personally, took on my own project …